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CreaNit LD-110

   CreaNit LD-110       

                                                                            Chelating Agent

Efficient chelating agents are effective chelates of calcium, magnesium and other heavy metal ions. Can be used in a variety of processes in textile processing, such as scouring, bleaching, dyeing, printing and other wet processing technology.


2  Appearance  Colorless transparent liquid

2  Solubility    Miscible with water

2  Ionicity      Weak anion

2  pH         6±0.51% solution


2  Strong chelating property, which has a significant increase in the whiteness of the fabric

2  With the increase of pH and temperature, chelation also increases with

2  Suspension and dispersion of dirt can increase the net washing performance

2  Greatly reduces the deposition of Ca2+, Mg2+ scale, reduces equipment contamination and improves fabric feel

2  Can improve the solubility of sodium silicate and reduce sodium silicate to formation scale

2  With the water glass (sodium silicate) with the bath can be applied to the bleaching process to prevent the "hole" and effectively improve the fabric whiteness, feel


1.Pretreatment desizing   0.5-2g/l

2.Scouring & bleaching    0.5-2g/l

3.Washing                      0.5-2g/l

4.Impregnation process   1-2%o.w.f


Store Please store at 5-35avoid freezing and exposure to the sun. Its shelf life is 12 months. 125kg/drum.