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Product Names Ionicity Uses Application Properties
CreaBril KBL Anionic Optical Brightener Whitener for Nylon and Cellulose fibers;Excellent compatibility with resin finishing liquors;Stable at pH 4.5~11;Extremely suitable for use in peroxide impregnating liquids, E.G. cold Pad-batch bleaching, pad steam bleaching, immersion-bleaching.
CreaMir LAM-58 Anionic Anti-Migration Agent Use for disperse dyes, vat dyes and other continuous pad dyeing process, can reduce dye migration phenomenon, improve the leveling of the cloth surface. At the same time, the fabric maintains its initial appearance after repeated washings.
CreaNit DEF Nonionic Antifoam emulsion Suitable for high temperature dyeing process, water based textile process and metal working process to provide good antifoaming and defoaming performance. Good stability at high temperature and high pressure condition. Recommend to use in the sizing agent preparation, scouring agent and paint dyeing.
CreaSoap ZS-98 Reduction Clearing Agent Suitable for reducing cleaning after disperse dye overflow dyeing. It can be directly added to acid bath to restore and clean, without adjusting pH.
CreaNit RSA Anionic Levelling Agent low foaming levelling agent for reactive dyeings on cellulosics;combination of levelling, buffering, sequestering, dispersing and crease preventing agent;improves the reproducebility of reactive dyeings significantly;increases the solubility of reactive dyes and thus prevents dyestuff deposits ( spots );reduces the speed of fixation and thus prolongs the period of migration;retards Reactive Blue 19
CreaSeven CPD Anionic Substitute Base New type of special alkaline agent for reactive dye cold dyeing of cellulosic fiber fabrics. Replacing the mixture of water glass and caustic soda in reactive dye cold pad batch dyeing process; No "skinning" phenomenon; Does not contain alkyl phenol polyoxyethylene ether (APEO)
CreaSeven PC-03 Neutralization Agent It has excellent acid buffering ability and can be used in alkaline processing bath before neutralization and dyeing. Its buffering effect is better than that of acetic acid, which is more convenient for the stability of processing bath pH value. After neutralization, the leveling and reproducibility of the dyeing can be improved, there is no powder residue, and there is a very good builder action.
CreaSoap ZS-01 Anionic Soaping Agent It is a new finishing agent for reactive dyes dyeing and printing of pure cotton and its blended fabric. In particular, it can improve the friction, wet fastness and brightness; effectively eliminate hard water sediment; no bubble, suitable for all equipment.
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