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Product Names Ionicity Uses Application Properties
CreaSilic Q625 Cationic used for the soft finishing of various fibers used for the soft finishing of various fibers. After treatment, the fabric has good elasticity and hydrophilicity, and the hand feels soft and smooth.
CreaSilic H725 Cationic smooth finishing of various fabrics Special structural silicone emulsion, treated fabric with excellent smoothness; suitable forSpecial structural silicone emulsion, treated fabric with excellent smoothness; suitable for smooth finishing of various fabrics, used on cotton ammonia felt with ice feeling.
CreaSilic R925 Cationic suitable for all kinds of fibers Block-structured silicone oil softener, with its soft, smooth and fluffy fabric, is suitable for all kinds of fibers such as cotton, polyester, nitrile, nylon, etc. and their blended fabrics. The foam is extremely low and the stability is extremely stable. Good, good resistance to temperature, acid, alkali and electrolyte, suitable for a variety of processes.
CreaNit K825 Nonionic Super stable and hydrophilic softener for knitting Super stable and hydrophilic silicone softener for knitting. It can be compatible with biological enzyme preparations, dyes, Toner, and other softeners mixed use. Give the fabric a smooth and super soft feel, especially for cotton and its blended fabric, almost does not affect the hydrophilic properties of cotton and blended fabric, will not affect the color fastness of dyed fabrics and white fabric whiteness.
CreaSoft DT-222 Cationic Fatty Acid Base Softener Special quaternary ammonium salt structure, soft, fluffy, plump, with antistatic properties, excellent hydrophilicity. Soluble in hot water, suitable for the soft finishing of woven fabrics.
CreaSoft DPU Nonionic Polyurethane Softener Waterborne small molecule polyurethane emulsion, feel full, good hydrophilicity.
CreaSoft DTA Nonionic Polyethylene Softener Modified polyethylene wax emulsion improves the smoothness of cotton yarn & has good hand feeling, and it is excellent in improving sewiness of woven & knit fabric. The use of the non-iron finishing can improve the tear strength and abrasion resistance of the fabric.
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