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CreaScour STA

CreaScour STA

Oxygen bleaching stabilizer

CreaScour STA is a stabilizer with excellent dispersing ability, which can effectively inhibit scale formation.

u  Excellent stabilizer for continuous and semi-continuous oxygen bleaching

u  Excellent dispersion performance

u  No need to add silicate



A mixture of organic and inorganic substances



Appearance    Yellow, clear to slightly turbid        

Form             Liquid



Applicable fabric         Cotton and its blended fabric

Applicable equipment    All pre-processing equipment

Dissolution method      can be added directly, or mixed with cold water in       any ratio


If soft water, it is necessary to add 0.2 g/l of MgCl2 before adding CreaScour STA, and stir well.

Recipe  Cold- Pad- Batch


40 - 60   g/l   NaOH(100%)

8 - 12   g/l    CreaScour STA

1 - 2     g/l    CreaChet 580

6 - 8   g /l     CreaScour ECO

5         g/l     Sodium persulfate (for starch slurry)

12 - 15  g/l   H2O2(100%)

              16-20 hours rolling in room temperature


Hydrogen peroxide steaming processing

3 - 5  g/l      100% NaOH

5 - 7  g/l      CreaScour ECO

3 - 5  g/L     CreaScour STA

1 - 2  g/l     CreaChet 580

4 - 6  g/l     H2O2(100%)     

Steaming time : 40-- 60 minutes

              Steaming temperature: 100℃ saturated steam



Storage stability                   At least 12 months


Storage and transportation    Storage and transportation temperature          should not exceed 45℃     


                       Product changes when it is below 0℃

                       can be used after heating and stirring            


The above information is made available by the manufacturer as guide for customers, who should not construe this material to be cither a warranty an authorization for any party to employ any patented invention or process for his own.